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Requirements for .np Domain Registration in Nepal

To register .np domain in Nepal, you must be a citizen of Nepal holding a Citizenship Certificate or you must have any kind of business registered in Nepal.


There are specific documents that are required for the national and international entities to register “.np” domain in Nepal: 

  1. If you want to register .np domain for your personal use, Citizenship Certificate of Nepal is mandatory for it.
  2. If the domain “.np” is to be registered for the local entities then the certificate of registration of a company, organization, institution, firm, partnerships, or related bodies is must essential.
  3. If the domain “.np” is to be registered for the foreign entities in Nepal then the documents required are:
    • Certificate of registration of liaison or branch office; Or
    • Certificate of affiliation with social welfare council
  4. If the non-incorporated entities, who are doing business in Nepal like Permanent Establishment, wish to register “.np” domain then PAN registration certificate is required.
  5. If any local or foreign entities who are having business interest wish to register “.np” domain then the Certificate of trademark registration in Nepal or Official filing receipt of trademark application issued by the Department of Industry is required.


It is a wise idea to consider some terms and conditions before domain registration. Some of them are: 

  • The requested domain must be an exact match, abbreviation, or acronym of the registrant's name of the trademark; or closely related to the registrant.
  • The requested domain must be of at least three characters.
  • The requested domain must not include offensive, inflammatory, or generic words.