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How to optimize website ranking in google

  • How to optimize website ranking in google
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How can you raise the ranking of your website in Google Nepal?

In today's world of global competition, it is important to be tactful, serious, and goal oriented in every field we invest our time and strength. So is a website ranking. Although a company provides rigorous services and crucial information, it must sustain its reputation in a timely manner. A stunning website always gets praised first. Then after, people strive around its service. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the ranking of your website in Google Nepal.


Google has turned into the most effective and highly demanded search engine in today’s context. In Nepal, about 9% of the people used to have internet access in 2011 whereas it has raised to 54% in 2017 (Wikipedia). Among them, more than 96% uses Google as a search engine. Therefore, if you want to promote your company and fight with the global market, you must maintain the ranking of your website in Google Nepal.

 Now, what should be considered to increase the presence of a web-based company in Google Nepal and how can it enhance the company’s profits? Every leading company must have a proper answer to this question. Next Nepal Private Limited is here to assist you with the specific answer. These are the few points that must be considered strictly to get the proper ranking of your website.

  1. Initial consideration to grass root level:

Internet lovers use the Google search engine for multifarious purposes. Mostly they use it for watching videos, listening to music, reading news, booking tickets and online services, selling goods, studying, and searching the topics of their interest. Thus, it is crucial to track the users' activities on the Internet at first.

Secondly, high-quality contents in simple Nepali Language should be created in the website. Although English is used in urban areas like Kathmandu, it is difficult to access the website for non-English speakers. Therefore, to promote the website visits and make the customers compatible with the contents of the website, Nepali Language can work as a useful track.

  1. Advancement of technical factors on the website

In order to magnify your business, a company’s website should look very professional and attractive. It should be equally responsive to the latest mobile devices so that the customers’ queries can be solved within a short period of time. Moreover, the speed of the website should also be increased to motivate the customers for frequent visits.

All these works can be performed by the professionals. Therefore, it is always a better choice to get your website created by a popular Nepali IT Company, like Next Nepal, which can analyze the trend of the internet market and users' inclinations perfectly.

  1. Regular updates on your website

  2. It is a known fact that contemporary contents are the backbones of a search engine optimization. Thus, you should check out the regular updates with fresh contents that can be used to optimize the potential customers and Google Nepal. Moreover, your contents should be free of errors and possible mistakes. All these updates can encourage Google buffs to visit your site and rank it in the top position.
  1. Optimization of social media

Nepali users are addictive towards Social Media. Even a single user has more than numerous accounts.

Social media

Percentages of users in Nepal


















Therefore, a company should contemplate on optimizing social media to maintain the company’s presence on the search engine and boost up the business. You can share the important contents of your site through various social media groups and motivate the users to share it thoroughly. It is also possible to create various groups and add the interested members or potential customers. Through those groups, you can also request referrals to implement website traffic.

Design of a website focusing on mobile internet users

Being a part of a developing country, it is important to note that most of the people of Nepal use internet on mobile devices rather than laptops and desktops. Therefore, it is important to design your website with a mobile first approach. The website should also respond to all types of mobile devices instantly.If the company is able to reach this aim, the ultimate success of the company can be ensured by its website.

  1.  Advertisement on a premium basis

Almost every company uses the resources for advertisement. However, the matter of contemplation is to identify the type that can be more effective. Most of the times, the free adds get lost in the cluster of premium adds. As a result, it becomes harder to achieve the expected outcomes. Thus, we suggest you implement premium advertisement through IT companies like Next Nepal. We will take your issues very seriously and advertise it by enhancing your ads content. Consequently, you can see the ultimate rise in your website's rankings and the expansion of your business.

  1. Compatibility with Google updates

It is the policy of Google search engine to update its search algorithms frequently. With an aim to proceed fair competition in the internet market and reduce the illegal SEO activities, it practices this procedure. Consequently, it affects the ranking of a website to a greater extent. Therefore, it is imperative to a web-based company to be compatible with the changes of Google algorithms and practice the SEO legally. If your website is able to cope with these changes following the proper rules and regulations of the SEO then the ranking of your website will not be affected at all.

 These are the ways you can follow up strictly and increase the ranking of your website without a doubt. Please do not forget that ranking of a company is a precious intangible asset that affects your business most. Therefore, be updated with the information provided above. Furthermore, if you want to convert your visitors into a permanent customer, you can visit us at www.nextnepal.com. We are always ready to assist you with full confirmation. We, Next Nepal Pvt. Ltd, are very familiar with all these factors and are committed to helping our customers in every possible way.

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