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IT Company In Nepal


IT consulting business practices are consistently changing, the market has turned into an arena of titans with everyone trying to achieve the best. To survive and mark a standing presence in this competitive business environment one must require to have IT Systems to achieve their business goals. This has to be done cost-effectively and wisely. The company’s technical organization must support its business strategy and functioning.

Next Nepal focuses on vital requirements of our customer’s business to provide the technology and support needed to achieve their long term goals. We help companies to provide the best IT consulting service that benefits the company in following ways –

  • Efficient and cost-saving, consultancy services curb the traditional in house costs and abilities required for employees
  • Demand-Based Resources, In position of scale up or down of human resource the consultants guide the flexible path for the situation well in advance.
  • Focus on Core Business work, Let us do what we are best in and focus on what you are best.
  • Retain efficient employees, a smooth IT department, CRM and good inventory management ease employees functioning allowing good employees to retain their position in company.
  • Improve Productivity , planning and implementation of complex technology enabling communication & collaboration to innovate and improve productivity.


Next Nepal provides wide range of IT consulting services our clients gets entitled to all of these services once it gets attached to ACETECH.

The Services Under Our Domain Are :


Formulation of effective and result oriented strategy that includes fundamentals of growth, sustainability, future perspective, innovation.


Proper organization of projects and tasks and their implementation.

Customer Strategy and Marketing

Use of Analytics to develop customer strategy and identifying marketing spots.


Full maintenance services of all types.

Database Services

Creating, maintaining and editing database,providing database conversions.

Project Management

Complete project undertaking.

Result Delivery

Obtaining the desired results in right time under right budget.

Performance Improvement

We guide and train to optimize work-output of employees in order to be more productive and result-oriented.

Advanced Analytics

Data mining and advance analytics to create find business cores and areas of concentration.

Application Development

Development of applications supporting business including portals web services and mobile apps.

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