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September 26, 2019 - BY Admin

10 Greatest Inventions In Human History

Have you ever wondered to yourself, What is the best invention in the history of mankind? Difficult to determine the best invention, so today we offer you, dear reader, a list of top 10 inventions in human history, prepare for a trip through time.

We will start this Alchteraat oldest and most important of which changed the course of history ...


It is said that the first line of the pen is the prophet of God Idriss and God knows, but scientists say that first appeared in writing in Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and the people of the Sumerians called cuneiform

 The sculpture was done on the rocks and the writing on the clay and wax Scientists have discovered the oldest manuscript Tablets dating for more than 3,000 years BC, and has been the development of peoples languages ​​evolve to this day


The ships are still a big role in the linkage between peoples and continents of the world and the processes of buying and selling and mobility, scientific and military purposes

This invention is older so he did not know exactly when I use human vessels or boats and what is known to us that we Muslims that the first-made vessel is God's prophet Noah and his story well known in the Koran The scientists found that the Egyptians used Alkorab or ships in about 3000 BC used single-box wooden ships sail

Perhaps one of the most important human inventions is the time since human blew people interested in timeshare great interest the people were measuring the time the sun or shade or stars, but often it is not possible either to bad weather or lack of vision in a dark place, and as they say, "Necessity is the mother of invention," it must be a machine to measure time

Believed to be first to use the time they are Egyptians divided the day into two parts, each one 12 hours

And it evolved into hours of solar water and sand and wax, and is considered the oldest solar obelisks hour where constructed around 3500 BC

Then came the time Albkhurih followed with gears and balances clocks rolled mechanical watches until we got to the wristwatch and atomic time, which is the most accurate clock reached so that the error in which the rate of up to a few seconds in every thousand years and then we got modern electronic hour.


Of money is a big role in our lives because without what our lives are arranged, for example, if we wanted to buy a house we will have to be replaced with something else in its size and so on.

Coins appeared for the first time since the 700 to 500 BC Some scientists say the Lydian Asia Minor during the reign of King "Koricios" Lady (546-561 BC) are the first minting of different metals such as gold, silver and precious stones, and then reached for the Arabian Peninsula and from there launched around the world and in the year 960 AD Chinon invented paper money to spread in the rest of the world thereafter.

5.elsafr :

This figure is odd and strange that hot when many scientists Is it real or Fiction
I knew zero since times long past in several civilizations such as India and the Inca and Babylon, but has not been used in mathematics to the famous Muslim Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi world came at the end of the eighth century during the reign of the Caliph Mamoun, after he read an Indian book discovered zero enter that account

Thus it is clear to us, dear reader, that the openness that was in that era had the benefit of the nation and much of this comes after the others and take us all the best.

6.alkahraba :

Who among us preferred electricity on human do not even know, "Gaddafi," he said in his Green Book, the words quaint (not for electricity we sat down to watch TV in the dark)

What is electricity?

All electricity shortcut is an energy present in the subatomic particles such as electrons and protons consist of two shipments positive and negative.

The discovery of electricity for a long time people have observed in lightning

In the thickness of Parkinson's and catfish detonator indicate Pharaonic texts dating from 2750 BC to these fish as "thunderbolt of the Nile", calling it a garrison other fish and then rolled civilizations she saw but did not know what it is and has remained a mystery and just charm sometimes an intellectual curiosity haunted many thousands of years

In 1600 year, the doctor England "William Gilbert" studying the minutes about electricity paved the way for other scientists, such as "Benjamin Franklin" who was forced to sell his possessions to fund his research and in 1800 invented the "Alessandro Volta" first electric battery and then rolled inventions until we got to modern electricity.

7.albosslh :

It is a navigational tool for setting the trend for the poles to the ground and working on Earth's magnetic field.The honor of the invention of the compass Arab Muslims back before it was invented people rely on the stars and the sun to know the trends and sometimes because of weather factors can not know the direction of this invention was a great breakthrough effect thereafter in all areas of life.

Arabs did not were the first known magnetic property, it was known to the ancient Greeks and the Chinese before them, but Arab Muslims were the first to benefit from this feature to make the first compass and then rub the needle on the magnet and placed over a jar of water so that it floats on the Audin small wood .. Vtottagh the needle toward the north.

This kind of compass has been used in the Arab ships sailing the Indian Ocean ports of Yemen and Persia to Canton in China .. and those that cross the Mediterranean. In 1475 he invented the world's first sea Ibn Majid needle sitting at the age of free movement to move without the need for a water bowl.

8.almbbah :

You have surprised the day of your time in the house where there is no lamp but at one time was a few wealthy people have one and they regard him as the greatest discovery, before we come to mention the lamp for a moment let us stand with the inventor.
He "Thomas Alva Edison" (1931-1847), inventor and a US businessman invented many of the devices, which usually benefit of humanity, and is the fourth most productive inventors until he reached's (1093) patented in the US as well as several other countries
It is said that Thomas before Chterall lamp failed a thousand times and succeeded in the last time, but we do not know this is true, however, known that after several experiments Thomas succeeded in making the first electric and practical idea is based on the combustion of thread cotton to light the lamp, but time did not exceed 40 hours, try to prolong duration and succeeded after that

What struck me most in the story of his determination and strong determination like him even if we did we would have done wonders. I think that we must say thank you, "Edison."

9.alhatv :

The more things that we use in our lives is undisputed phone.Who among us can survive even one day without the phone it is very difficult is not it.
Phone is a sound move from one place to another machine consists phone headset and microphone is known as the invention of the telephone came at the hands of "Alexander Graham Bell" in 1876 he remained inventor until the year 2002 when the US Congress officially recognized that the inventor of the real phone is Italian, "Antonio Meucci" and after the passage of 113 years after his death

Remained phone evolve until we got to this day, which is no longer to transmit voice only of paramount importance. After the fixed phonesMobile phones have emerged with Alazrarubadha phones began to progress towards more technology and smart phones have emerged.To touch, camera, radio, and online messages, positioning and drawing techniques and stunning games, movies and many other programs and applications that evolve day after day technology

See how the phone will be after 50 or 100 years, perhaps I can not predict or even imagine, but I hope that we, the Arabs be participants in this race.

10.alhacob :

Computer or a rich computer definition Vanma Now you read these words of mine from the computer, I and you, dear reader, we use always for different purposes, whether scientific or recreational Owaltjarah or communicative (etc ...) but you ever wondered about your computer How invented or when permission Let's let a quick tour.

Computer electronic device that Basttkabbal and manipulate data into valuable information and stores it and the computer can be performed by hundreds of billions of calculations in the same second and works by special computers such as Windows and Macintosh and Unix operating systems.

Computer NASA

The "Charles Babbage" the first fully designed a computer programmer in 1820 due to economic conditions and technical problems could not build it in his life, began computer revolution in the thirties of the twentieth century showed the powerful computers can not be determined first computer exactly as it gradually evolved

Computers can be divided into:

The main frame computers: a computer with a large storage capacity and high efficiency in the treatment of which are used in large enterprises Caldoair governmental organizations, universities and large companies, where they are linked to the main device is a set of sub-devices called terminals.

Personal computers: the computers that we see in homes and offices. And using the computer in general term to refer to personal computers.

Computers hands as: a tiny devices no bigger than the palm of the hand, used to carry out some simple computing tasks like maintaining the necessary data, fixtures, has recently expanded use it until it became comparable Basthaddamadtha other computers, using some of them to access the Internet or inferred in the roads through the navigation systems .

PCs built: the computers found in many electronic and electrical appliances, as many of the devices have computers for special purposes. For example, computers are no phones in cars, video equipment, aircraft and other

Remained computers evolve until we got a computer and mobile personal computers, tablets, and we are still waiting for more .

Here ends our journey through time I hope that you have enjoyed with me and I hope to always strive to develop our skills and Arab youth their supporters and motivators find some creativity in order to go back to a previous covenant and lead the world towards progress and prosperity.