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December 21, 2019 - BY Admin

Why JustNep food delivery apps and website is different from other food delivery in Nepal?

JustNep is the premium online food delivery website and mobile apps that provide the service to deliver the food from thousands of best and affordable restaurants in major cities of Nepal including Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Biratnagar and ultimately we are planning to spread our wings all over Nepal. We deliver the quality food at your place fresh, without doing any dilly-dally.
In this article, we have complied how JustNep stands out better than any other online food delivering application and website that has been launched in Nepal:

Tracing Location:
As soon as you visit the site of JustNep a dialogue box appears on the top of the website asking you to access your location, if you click on yes you provide permission to access your location. As soon as you provide access to your location, a nearby restaurant option appears on the dialogue box, where you can explore the nearby cafes and restaurants. The unique feature is available only on JustNep in Nepal, whereas on other online food delivery apps and websites, the tracking of location is not available and you have to insert the location address and another function appears. The features on JustNep save your time to search for suitable nearby restaurants. Furthermore, if you are in an unknown place and the meantime hunger strikes you, then at such time you can just browse the JustNep mobile app or website to search for the nearby restaurants and café location. Using JustNep you do not need to bother asking people about popular restaurants and café. JustNep is handy to solve your hunger at the fastest pace possible.

Freelance riders:
JustNep provides a freelance opportunity to riders who are willing to earn while they ride. The opportunity is open for those who want to work full time or part-time. The opportunity is unique because it is a freelancing opportunity and unlike other food delivering application we do not hire permanent drivers, the earning of the riders are contingent on how much times food they deliver. JustNep provides a friendly and enriching environment to the riders and gives them a chance to grow and burgeon in the future. Likewise, any private vehicle can register with JustNep, and we are planning to sign up for a bicycle in the near future.
To become a rider go to justnep.com

Bring client, merchant, and rider at one place:
JustNep is a platform that connects the merchant with the clients using the freelance riders. JustNep has a different application for merchants, clients, and freelance riders. Using the mobile application and website clients can order food from merchants while the merchant application helps them to connect with the clients. Likewise, the rider application helps them to take the order from the client directed by the merchants. The riders can navigate the desired location of the client using the application.

Easy to use application and website:
The application and website of JustNep have a user-friendly interface and easy to use for a novice mobile user. However, the merchant should own a computer device to operate the merchant app. Likewise, user and rider should also have a mobile application and website to use the user-friendly application.

Online payment:
The use of online payment is increasing at a faster pace. On the delivery of the food, JustNep accepts hand on cash, besides receiving a hand on cash JustNep also accepts online payment using various e-wallets. However, we do not accept MasterCard and Visa payment system.