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November 16, 2019 - BY Admin

New Apple Mac Computers . A New World Of Computers With Touch Bar And Fingerprint Reader

Apple announced a short while ago officially announced a new version of the mobile Hasabha MacBook Pro Macbook Pro with fingerprint reader and bar haptic customizable and port USB-C, in addition to other benefits.

He said the main executive of the company, Tim Cook, the beginning of a special event held by the main headquarters in Cupertino city of the American state of California said his team is working to make all their machines accessible to everyone, so it announced the launch of a new site to facilitate the use of its products. Unexpectedly, Cook, who praised the success achieved by the company's new phone iPhone especially with regard to the camera and posted a number of images captured by which users, for a new feature that offers users Almtlqth images in the form of memories within an application images Photos 7 revealed.

Cook touched that 60% of the company's users are using version 10 from any OS operating system, also spoke about the 10.1 version, which was launched a few days ago and feature "image" Portrait Mode, which came out mode. Speaking on television, "Apple TV" Apple TV platform, Cook announced the availability of more than 8,000 applications on the podium during only one year, and more than 2000 games, also announced the arrival of the game "Minecraft" to the podium by the end of this year.

Apple has announced a new application called "TV" TV "to change fully how you watch TV on the Apple TV platform, as well as the iPhone and iPad mobile tablet computers Khastkm."The company explained that the new TV application that combines all the TV shows and movies from all applications in one place. This application works on iPhone phones and computers iPad too.

Tim Cook said that this week marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of the first Mac portable computer, a "Port Facebook" the PowerBook, which was launched on October / 25 October 1991, then reviewed the evolution of Mac computers over the past years.

As for the computer of the new MacBook Pro, the company said that a new design comes with a structure of aluminum, the metal on all its aspects, which comes in two sizes 13 and 15 inches in two colors and two new, namely: silver gray.

Apple explained that the 13-inch model of the device features that comes with a thickness of 14.9 millimeters, a thinner thickness by 17% compared to the previous generation, which is smaller by 23% and weighs 1.5 kg. As for the 15-inch model, it comes with a thickness of 15.5 millimeters, a thinner thickness by 14% compared to the previous generation, which is smaller by 20% and weighs 2 kg.

The new device with the panel follows two sizes larger than the size, in addition to a new keyboard, and it comes to "touch bar" Touch Bar, and sensitive fingerprint "Touch IDC" Touch ID that comes for the first time to personal Hawwasabha, which is built with the power button.

This allows the new sensor to open the computer by fingerprints, and then he comes to enhance the security levels provided by the Mac Pro computers, as well as giving users the ability to use financial service "Apple eBay."