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7 Benefits of POSNEP To Turn Retail Business Into Success

Profits in business are the sign of positive happening, however, business-growth is the harbinger to new problems and opportunities which further ask to create new solutions. Solving problems and coming with new solution makes the business innovative. In the age when technology is changing rapidly the growing business demands, the addition of new applications or systems to make the business reliable and efficient is a wise choice but can set the stage for operational lackadaisical in future, time, and resources drain, or risk of error.

 To combat the situation one needs a better solution to search for, the best solution is to consider for the integrated retail management system, that is made to manage all dimensions of the business alongside the growth.

You might yearn for the integrated retail management system, you might also give a skeptical thought on its existence. No panacea includes everything from point of sale, CRM, inventory management, supply chain management, accounting, and e-commerce. However, the application integration based on a platform can provide a total solution that’s a perfect fit for your business. Taking a combined platform approach means all applications work together, data is easily shared between them, and one can easily manage from one system.

Most of the retailers are dependent upon operational efficiency to make some profit, this happens due to a reason i.e the profit margins are usually diminutive. The retailers cannot wish for the system inefficiencies. Next Nepal, a leading IT company in Nepal recently launched a POS software named POSNEP software which is a one in a solution that retailers can completely rely upon to make his or her business better every day. The Next Nepal software--POSNEP aids retailers to manage their inventory.


Tracing Your Catalogue :

 The most common problem a retailer has to face is they might sometimes lack the knowledge of the stock, as the stock is always fast-moving, they need to take account of it and order from wholesalers accordingly. Using tally to count or using paperwork to trace the items can be time-consuming and arduous, sometimes using such methods leads to misleading information, and relying on divine power cannot help at any cost from such a trouble. However, POSNEP—a retailer software developed by Next Nepal, can be solve-all-problem. The tracing of the catalog will be on your hand, the tracking of the goods will be one click away. The main benefit of such software is you can track from anywhere, no matter where you are located through your phone, tabs, pads, and computer.


Time-saving :

Time is a precious component of life. POSNEP—software developed by Next Nepal, helps to save a whole lot of resources among them time is the most precious. Through the software, you can reduce the customer checkout times, and ultimately the overall time spent on tasks. The result of using POSNEP software is building an efficient business model that makes a sumptuous profit by reducing the cost of paperwork and clerical resources. Much research shows that POS software can reduce the cost by up to more than 10 percent. Likewise, another way of reducing the time is it makes the payment of utility bills, salaries, and check-off payment automatically.


The Records Remain Intact :

When it comes to auditing the financial report at the end of the fiscal year, most of the time it is troublesome. However, the POSNEP software can be magical to solve the nightmare, with POSNEP software one can track each sale, expenditure vote, and transfers in real-time. If sometimes the unfortunate might occur like the damage of inventory, in that situation POSNEP can give you real-time data. However, it becomes necessary to harmonize the financial records, and different parts of the system like inventory, sales, revenues, expenses, etc. Furthermore, POSNEP has more things to offer, they include accurate accounting and tax-related records. Moreover, by integrating with the ERP systems, you effectively get everything you need to manage a shop. The collection of data can reap you important insights that will assist you to grow the business.


Easy To Incorporate Customer Loyalty Programs :

Every person wants to feel valued, costumers, are no different. The more you value the costumers it is more likely you will see the growth of the business. The customers have certain expectations from you to show the value through loyalty programs. There is a principle to make the customer intact with your shop, the simple principle is to give regular credits and bonus points. POSNEP software can make a big change when incorporating such a customer program. On paperwork, it is very hard to incorporate everything, however, the software helps to keep various records including the number of times the customer visit, the total amount of expenditure, the total number of items bought, and the frequency. Incorporating such a thing in the business will assist you to identify trusted customers easily. Likewise, you can track the points earned, feedback is given, and the contacts. Moreover, to make them even closer you can add them on social media and emails to connect.


 Improving efficiency and minimizing data collection errors :

Software developed by Next Nepal-- POSNEP has a unique feature to capture and stock customer information. The stored information is valuable to be used for advertising, promotions, and other works. Furthermore, the software will make the unorganized work more organized, simplification, and automation of the work are possible. And the arduous work will be simplified and those work which used to take weeks and months will be simplified to be done within a few hours. Likewise, manual activities will be supplanted with automotive work.  Streamlining transaction processing :


Software developed by Next Nepal-- POSNEP is a boon for the retailer not only because it aids in an easier, quicker and convenient transaction but also because of the following reasons:


· The access to the prices, availability, and stock location can be tracked through the customizable POS screen.

· With the aid of the software, the customer profiles can be accessed with ease and one can handle multiple tenders and payments at checkouts easily.

·The POSNEP software helps to quicken the checkouts, offer upsells and cross-sells through suggestive selling of linked items, and implement automatic concessions for everyday shoppers.


Integrating multiple channels:

The major benefit of using POSNEP software is you can integrate multiple channels, that include retail stores, websites, mail-order catalogs, e-commerce, and many more. Once after rolling out new channels, one can implement separate, repeating software systems—one for each channel.



POSNEP software, developed by a leading IT firm Next Nepal is the prudent choice for retailers to manage the retail management system. With some shrewd choices and tacts, the retailers can reap sumptuous benefits from their customers and excel further in the business which becomes their competitive advantage.

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