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Restaurant Room, Revenue, Inventory Management Software - MyRestro

Myrestro.net is a leading Nepali and Japanese restaurant software solution for hotels and restaurants. This all-in-one solution offers ERP, revenue management, inventory management Software, and room management features to help restaurants and hotels optimize their operations and improve their bottom line. With myrestro.net, restaurant and hotel owners can easily manage their revenue and expenses, track their inventory levels, and monitor the occupancy and availability of their rooms in real-time.


The restaurant management software offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help restaurants streamline their operations, including menu management, table management, and ordering and payment processing. With the software's intuitive interface, restaurant owners and staff can quickly and easily access the information they need to make informed decisions and improve their operations.


The restaurant inventory management software is designed to help restaurant owners and managers keep track of their food and beverage inventory levels. The software integrates seamlessly with the restaurant's sales data to provide real-time visibility into inventory levels, usage patterns, and ordering needs. This helps restaurants make better-informed decisions about their inventory levels and reduce waste and spoilage.


The room management software helps hotels and restaurants manage their rooms and reservations. The software provides real-time visibility into room availability and occupancy, making it easy for hotel and restaurant staff to manage reservations and keep their guests happy. The software also integrates with other key systems, such as the restaurant's sales data and the hotel's front desk systems, to provide a complete and centralized view of hotel and restaurant operations.


In conclusion, Myrestro.net is a powerful restaurant management software solution that offers revenue management, inventory management, and room management features to help restaurants and hotels improve their operations and boost their bottom line. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of tools, Myrestro.net is the ideal solution for restaurants and hotels looking to optimize their operations and improve their guest experience."


Valuable features of the Restro software:-


1. Recipe management & recipe ingredient stock:

          a. One can assign which ingredients will be needed for their food menu as well as that amount or quantity.

          b. When one makes a sale those ingredients will be auto deducted from the stock.


2. Innovative running order panel:

          a. When customers order and sit the order goes to the running order list.

          b. When customer orders new items, you can add that to that order.

          c. If they somehow cancel an item you can do that even if they change table.

          d. and finally you will print the receipt when they leave, in the mean time you can print a bill for them too, to show how much they need to pay.


3. Powerful point of scale:

          a. Running order features as mentioned above.

          b. Searching & filtering via items name or keyword, filter Beverage item or vegan item easily as well as via category etc.

          c. Moreover you will get the notification when an item is ready cooking in kitchen.

          d. One can make quick invoice for faster serve.

          e. Since, you can see how many items are ready as well as remaining in the kitchen.

          f. You can print bill as well as kit.

          g. You can add new items when customer asks while eating.

          h. Common features such as draft sales, print last invoice, see latest invoice list as well as you can run the pos in full screen mode as well.


4. Waste Tracking:

          a. It helps to track those waste which makes it easier to calculate the loss for those wastes as well.


5. Kitchen, bar, waiter panel:

          a. Chef can see all items to prepare when an order is placed.

          b. Chef can also change the status of an item that it is being cooked.(so that the cashier or the waiter can tell the customer about the status of the item he ordered.)

          c. Chef can mark the item as done.

          d. If the item is marked as done by the chef, cashier as well as waiter gets the notification of the item. He can collect the item, and serve.

          e. When a order is placed the system is designed in such a way that all the kitchen items will go to the kitchen panel and bar item will go to the bar panel automatically.


6. GST, VAT, IVAT, HST support:

          a. In this setup you can configure any of your tax types.

          b. One can setup all of their applicable taxes with their percentages.

          c. If you add an item all tax fields with their values will be populated but if there is any change in percentage of tax in any item you can change those easily which will be applicable in invoice.


7. Attendance tracking:

          a. Employee's attendances can be tracked with our system.


8. CRM facility:

          a. Our system allows you to collect DOB, DOA etc of a customer.

          b. SMS gateway is integrated within the system so you can send a wish to their birthday or anniversary or you may be able to make special offer for their special day.


9. Multiple user and access control:

          a. You can have multiple users and control their access to the system as this is a common feature of any system.


10. Optimize operation:

          a. Order placed ==> kitchen panel(notification pops up) ==>item ready ==> POS notification waiter.

          b. You can even generate a kitchen performance report to know that how much time they are taking to make the food.

          c. On the other hand if customer asks about the status of the food, you can simply check that from the POS screen.

          d. simply, the unnecessary waste of time can be reduced.

          e. and overseeing kitchen performance report you will have more control to improve kitchen performances.


11. Text and item modifier:

          a. When ordering a food people usually makes two types of notes, some additional small items like toppings eg salad or sauce which includes additional Price too which is supported by the system.

          b. Even those additional toppings may have ingredient consumptions too those needs to be deducted from stock which is another feature of our app.

          c. Even the customers’ additional instructions can be noted for an item to the chef.


12. Pre and post payment support:

          a. Both after eating as well as while ordering payment can be done through this system.


13. Supplier and customer due tracking:

          a. Purchases from supplier with due and pay later scenarios can be done.

          b. Even one can check how much dues are needed to be paid for each supplier.

          c. You can also do that for customers as well.


14. Expense tracking:

          a. Many types of expenses that purchasing ingredients can be tracked via category.


15. Reports, Analytics and dashboard:

          a. System provides lot of reports, analytics and business intelligence dashboard that will help you to oversee the business and take decision quickly.


16. Customer review:

          a. The system allows the user to check the different reviews done by the customers from many regions.


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