In Next Nepal, we developed a tremendous increase in online sales for E-Commerce websites in the past few years, and this is a continuously growing marketplace.

In Urban areas, online shopping is already very common as it is a safe, convenient, and time-saving option for customers.

In a rural area, people have started accepting E-Commerce websites & online payments. In the near future, E-Commerce is expected to have outstanding growth.

At NextNepal, we Develop E-Commerce websites, customizing OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce, and Custom Development, with safe and secure payment gateway integration options, based on client requirements. We provide both web service and mobile app service in the development of E-Commerce websites. 

Moreover, We also implement the SEO techniques for ranking of E-commerce websites. We are very serious about optimizing the speed of the website. Similarly, we also take care of the payment system integrated on the website and other security of the website. So that the transaction can be secured and funds can be transferred over the internet with high security.

The leading IT company of Nepal, Next Nepal, deals with the development of an e-commerce website and also design the iOS apps and Android apps. So that you can have a maximum number of permanent customers through mobile apps.

You can order the type of E-commerce website as per your requirement. The selling of digital products on E-commerce website generally don't need the map but if you want to deliver the product by traveling, you need to integrate the map so that the customer can be reached more easily. 

Moreover, if your customer needs to track their order, they can do so with our designed E-commerce website. Also, Notification through Mobile apps makes E-commerce more friendly. 

We will make it easier for you.

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