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In a fast-paced technology, it is common for many firms to embrace the IT system, IT has touched every nooks and corner, and how could a field of medicine shun the revolutionizing system that can ease the daunting task? 

The IT system can be used to manage the tedious job in a multi-specialty hospital. With the use of the product of the IT system, i.e Hospital Management System developed by Next Nepal Pvt. Ltd can make the arduous job a lot easier. 

A hospital management system (HMS) is a cloud-based system that aids in the functioning of the hospital or any medical association. The primary benefits of using the Hospital Management System is it supplants the use of paper with the paperless work. All the activities are completed on the web. Moreover, the system or software incorporates all the data including doctors, patients, staff, hospital administrative details, etc., into a single software.

Hospital Management Software is the most user -friendly Browser-based Solution which combines Multiuser Account System, Responsive User Interface, Easy Customization, Monitoring of Whole Hospital, Indoor, Outdoor System, Patient Records Management, SMS Notification, Medication History and etc. We Build Custom Software for Your Business Needs! We work with you to ensure zero error, on-time delivery.

We make our Hospital Management software in Nepal as a Customize for Nepal's Hospital & Clinic. We have integrated a number of modules which integrated it the best Hospital Management Software in Nepal. Some modules & Report of our Hospital Management software are:

Hospital Management Software Features :

1.Patient Registration Out-Door Management Indoor 

2.Management Out-Patient Management Doctor Appointment 

3.Scheduling Patient Billing OT Service Management Pharmacy 

4.Management System Account Management System Doctor Service 

5.Management Bed & Wards Management Inventory Management 

6.System Patient Relations Stock Details Modules Employee 

7.Management Patient Admission Hospital Payroll Management SMS sending  Facility

8.Blood Bank Management through screening of donor and management of the database

9.Account management  including billing, cash expense controls, etc.

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