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ASP .Net Development Kathmandu-Nepal | .Net Application DevelopmentThe .Net (pronounced as dot net) is a software framework offered by Microsoft and runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large library, as well as support of numerous programming languages which allows language interoperability. With support of CLR (common language runtime) functionality, along with the class library as well as numerous features; .net development is able to craft solutions for also any software, web application and web development project.

As a web designing and web development company based in Kathmandu Nepal, at Next Nepal, we’ve in-depth knowledge on both open source and Microsoft technologies. Our professional pool of Microsoft developers is skilled on the entire Microsoft platform including .Net, Asp.net, C# (C Sharp), Silverlight etc. Furthermore, during our tenure of our 10 years we’ve successfully delivered quality solutions for .net development. 

We are focused to provide quality solutions in software development, web application development, web development, enterprise level application development and deployment with our .net development services. We’ve the skills on all the verticals of .net development along with speed, agility and guidance which are the reason to lead us to deploy quality solutions in .net platform. Installing and deploying a system could be effortless but we ensure that the procedural staff and other people are comfortable using it.

Our team is always focused in development cutting-edge custom software application with tools such as C#, VC++, Vb.net, Asp.net, win forms on the .net environment. The .net framework allows programmers a platform to increase software, desktop and web applications by supporting multiple programming. This includes web services utilized by system by using independent communication platform protocol such as XML and SOAP.

.Net Development Services by Expert .Net Developers @ NextNepal

Designing and Programming for .Net application.

Migration of your existing web-based and desktop based application to .net.

Maintenance, advancement and development of existing applications in .net.

Porting of legacy applications to .net based applications.

Website development based on .Net

CMS development

CRM development

Industry specific website development and web-based application development.

Benefits of .net development and .net application development with NextNepal

Expertise knowledge on various Microsoft technologies including Asp.net, Vb.net, C#, Silverlight, .Net etc.

Pool of .net developers certified on various Microsoft technologies.

Robust, reliable and secure solutions for .net application development.

Quick deployment of any software development project based on .net.

Over 7 years of industry experience, along with successful execution of numerous .net development projects.

XML web services.

Direct support for security.

Consultation services for every .net development project.

Customized solutions for .net applications.

SaaS applications development.

Flexible pricing option.

Database review: indexing, query design; database structure; data integrity.

Application & data migration services.

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