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Are you searching for the best school management software/system? Next Nepal, located at tinkune, Kathmandu is a leading IT company of Nepal, which provides high-end IT solution to any kind of business. It offers the best class web solution at an affordable cost so that you can ace it in your business. 

In an age of tough competition, schools are not leaving any stone unturned to create the best brand value among their competitors. Schools are using all the endeavours to build brand value in this highly competitive education landscape. School management is one of the most operational instruments to build a technological knowledgeful brand image and engage with the community, students, teachers, staff and administrators. It enables stakeholders to view essential information and interact collaboratively from the website or mobile devices. 

The school management system consists of various tools that let the organization to efficiently run the school and colleges. The most important feature of the school management system is it works on a web or cloud-based system, which joins the users. The users are the students, parents, teachers and sometimes community. 

Next Nepal’s school management system consists of various characteristics starting from keeping the attendance to sending the results and other reports to the guardian or parents. The school management the institution to organize the various works efficiently without much time-consuming. 


Some of the key features of the school management system include:

1. Easy access to the system from anywhere anytime

This feature allows the authorized members to access the school administration, parents and students view the important information such as attendance, admissions, school schedules, and other timetables at any place and time the authorized member chooses. The system saves the time to check the students’ school diary every day for updates. 


2. Virtual Admittances

Most of the time a lot of time is spent on various activities in every school and college like getting applications forms filled, keeping a track of vacancies, selecting students based on the admission exam, arranging the forms of the different batches, emulating data from the application form to the school’s database, etc. However, the school management system or software aids in easing all the tedious work by automation of the process with ease giving tremendous control to the teachers and administration and ultimately bringing transparency to the stakeholders including students and parents thereby helping in the overall admission process. 



3. Online Fee collection

Among much tedious work, parents face in the school, staying in the long queues for paying the fee by cash and cheque is still the tiresome work to do for parents. However, Next Nepal’s Pvt. Ltd school management system allows the parents to pay in an automated module thereby making the tedious process a lot easier for parents as well as the school admin staff. By simply following the basic rules of logging into the system and submitting the fees through online payment the school management system truncates the cumbersome process.

4. Automatic Timetable generation

The days when educational institutes inform the timetable and update about any new information through the notice board is bygone. Through the school management system, the school admin can create automatic schedules that can be customized according to their preferences. Within a fraction of seconds, the schedule gets updated and students can view the real-time updates of the course schedule daily, weekly or fortnightly. More importantly, school management can provide a class arrangement to ensure the gulf between complex and high-priority classes for low-stress learning milieu.

5. Online Assignments

The School Management System allows the teachers to upload the daily assignments in the student portal; within a fraction of seconds of uploading the documents or assignments, the students can have access to the assignments in real-time. As soon as the students complete the homework or assignment they can also upload the assignment to the portal, therefore teachers can have access to the assignment and ultimately allocate the marks according to the pre-determined marking schemes.


6. Discussion Forum and Chat

The school management system provides an open discussion setting that promotes transparency and increases efficiency by creating favourable milieu to discuss curriculum and academic performance of students with the guardians and teachers. Likewise, any kind of problem aroused could promptly complain in the system, therefore, the concerned authority could easily address the problem.

7. Increase productivity

The productivity of the education institute depends on the result that comes from the work done. The main purpose of the school management system is to increase the productivity of the institute. The productivity of the education institute increases by decreasing the time taken to maintain the records of accomplishment and increased efficiency in the precision in consolidating the data. Lesser the time required organizing and maintaining the data, the school could focus on increasing the productivity of the work.

8. Student-teacher collaboration

In the traditional system, the collaboration between student-teacher was limited to the classroom. With the introduction of the school management system the cloud, based ERP leads to collaboration beyond the classroom. The increase in collaboration between teacher and students increases the interaction between staff and the students. The unique interaction takes place over the online application where the teacher is available to answer the questions raised by the students. Thereby creating the friendly milieu between academicians and students. 

9. Saves natural resources

Besides increasing the productivity of the school work, the School Management System has another prerequisite that helps to preserve the mother nature, the stationary product like paper and pen is saved, leaving no carbon footprints in the earth, the track is recorded in the digital form in the system. Also, the system does not create the mess of the record in the school.

10. Reduces workload

The school management system is the technology-driven software that allows less work for staff members of the school. The staff can work in the cloud-based software in the ERP and send out the required data to the students and their parents over the system. It ultimately cut the working hours on redundant work and helps to focus on other important works. 

Some of the other additional benefits that could not make into the top 10 benefits of the School Management System are as follows:

  • Reduction in the cost of communication

  • Transparency with parents increases 

  • Access from anywhere

  • Increase in enrollment

  • Price of the School Management System

A large amount of money is used by the school administration to contact the parents, students and fellow teachers, the communication causes a lot of money to go wasteful. All the necessary data are available on the software and therefore it is easier to connect to the parents and students thorough using the software. 

Yet another feature, that school can access is cloud-based software, that can assist to ace in social business is it increases the transparency with the parents. Parents can check their child activities from time to time and keep track of their child's performance. This leads to the transparency between parents and the schools. 

The software has a facility to access from anywhere, anytime, parents and schools administration wants to. Therefore, a record of everything can be kept due to its easy accessibility. Also, immediate information can be sent in real-time. 


The whole idea of installing school management software is to ultimately increase the efficiency of the organization. The increase in efficiency reduces the hectic schedule of the organizations and makes the decision making promptly. It is, therefore, necessary to implement the school management software to reduce the burden of various activities. Ultimately, the software lets the organization focus on increasing the student’s enrollment. 


The software can be availed for free for one week. The price of the School Management System can be known by contacting us.