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Advance PHP Training

The training deals with a fast, pragmatic, flexible and widely used open source scripting language PHP that is specially designed for web development. Thus, PHP training course has been designed to develop and groom the web development skills of emerging web enthusiasts and address the increasing global demand of PHP developers.

PHP XML file handling, JSON data handling

PEAR Mail, PHP Zip, PHP read write CSV Files

PHP XML Handling

Transfer of data with URL syntax

Introduction to OOPs Class, Methods

Constuctor, Destructor, Inheritance

Intro to Abstract Class , Interface

Class Autoload, Static & Final Keywords,Polymorphism

Creating graph, Image resizing, Adding watermarks to images, image width, image height, Add Text To Image

Importing and Exporting CSV Files

INNER Join, MySQL LEFT Joins, MySQL RIGHT Joins,Complex SQL Queries, Full Text Search


Will be Given By the Center

Total Training Period: 45 Days (2 Hrs/Day), Total Fee Rs.15,000